Scar Physical Therapy/Wound Care

Healing even the most complex wounds using specialist dressings and regular care

The treatment and wound care for scarring is vital to reduce the appearance of new scars before the final scar formation. Wounds must be kept clean and properly treated in order to prevent issues such as infection of which can worsen a scars outcome.  Here at The London Scar Clinic, we have a dedicated team of wound care specialists who can help to heal even the most complex wounds through the use of specialised dressings and regular care. It is our absolute mission to always produce the best wound care with as minimal scarring as possible.

Wound care is the first step in treating a scar, this initial step can help to minimise the scars final outcome if healed correctly. Leaving wounds untreated may lead to infection which in turn may result in a worsened scar appearance.

Wound care treatment is highly dependent on the type of wound you may have eg: burns, grazes etc. Many wounds benefit from regular dressings to keep the areas clean and dry allowing quicker healing. Other wounds may require debridement and cleaning before they can be dressed.

Our team has a number of consultants whom are available to provide wound care however more complex wounds that may be prone to breaking down are referred to our tissue viability consultant nurse.

Treatment Overview

  • Appointments by highly skilled tissue viability nurse consultant or plastic surgeon 
  • For the treatment of complex or unhealing wounds 
  • Conservative treatment via the use of specialised dressings and treatments