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Steroid for Scar Treatment

Steroid for scar treatment can be offered in one of two ways at The London Scar Clinic, this is via injection or via tape.  

Steroids are extremely helpful in the treatment of hypertrophic and keloidal scarring in order to reduce the ‘bulk’ of the scar and in turn flatten the appearance and soften the scar tissue. Steroid treatment for scarring also helps to reduce symptoms such as itching in keloid scarring.  

Steroid injection treatment is often administered as a course to take place typically every 3-6 weeks for a period of time determined subject to the scar appearance. Steroid tapes can be worn continuously for a prescribed timeframe and a good alternative for those with needle phobias.

Will steroids help reduce the itch I feel in my scar?

Steroids are commonly used to ease the symptoms of itch within keloid and hypertrophic scarring. The first 24-48 hours the itch may intensify before settling down.  


How many steroid for scar treatments do I need to have?

Each scar is different and reacts to treatment at different rates however it is common to require on average three injections or a course of tape.  


I have had a steroid injection before but it did not work? 

It is important to note that often this treatment needs to be undertaken as a course and can require an average of three injections for results that may need to be topped up every so often to keep up the benefits of the treatment. Whilst one steroid injection may alleviate some symptoms, you may require more for full benefit.  

Treatment Overview

  • Non-surgical treatment to reduce the bulk of raised scars 
  • Treatment performed by qualified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist 
  • Hypertrophic, keloid, Fibrotic tissue