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Medical Tattooing for Scarring

Medical tattooing, also referred to as micro-pigmentation is the process of implanting small amounts of natural pigment into the skin surface via a needling technique to create colour where you may have lost this. For example, this could be the process of concealing a flat white scar with pigment that matches the surrounding skin. Medical tattooing for scarring is also commonly used to re-create the appearance of the nipple and areola following reconstruction surgery. Other common medical tattooing areas include scalp re-pigmentation, stable vitiligo and port wine stains.

Is medical tattooing permanent?

Medical tattooing is considered a semi-permanent treatment, whilst the results may last years it is common a top-up treatment may be needed to keep the result looking at its best.


Can medical tattooing help lighten my scars?

It is very difficult to place lighter pigment into a dark scar and have the results lighten the area effectively. Your medical tattooist can perform a test patch on the area for you to see the results before committing to a larger section.


Can medical tattooing flatten my scars?

Medical tattooing is the use of pigment being applied into the skin to mask and blend scarring, this unfortunately will not affect any textural differences throughout the scar. We do however also provide flattening treatments that can be performed in combination with tattooing.

Treatment Overview

  • Appointments by highly skilled Medical Tattooist 
  • Providing treatment to improve colour differences in scarring  
  • Surgical scars, areola tattooing after reconstruction, hypopigmented scars