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Fat Transfer Scar Treatment

The Fat Transfer Scar Treatment is a useful method for depressed or sunken scars, this method involves harvesting your own bodies fat from another area of the body and placing this directly under the scar to add volume where this may have been lost. This method aims to give the appearance of a flatter scar overall and is often a longer lasting option to using fillers. 

Is The Fat Transfer Scar Treatment Permanent?

Studies have shown the majority of transplanted fat will remain in place in defiantly so long as the patient does not lose a substantial amount of weight or injure the area. It may take a number of transfers however to reach the full desired volumes and appearance from the transfer procedure.  


What Is The Recovery For Fat Transfer Like?

The recovery period varies depending on each individual’s natural wound healing as well as factors such as amount of fat transferred, the area of the body being treated and lifestyle factors.  


Is Fat Transfer Better Than Filler?

The Fat Transfer Scar Treatment is longer-lasting however your consultant will be able to help determine alongside yourself which option is best to suit your scars needs and your lifestyle.  

Treatment Overview

  • Surgical technique to flatten and improve the appearance of scarring 
  • Typical recovery period of 2 weeks 
  • Performed by highly skilled, specialist plastic surgeon or dermatologist with expertise scar treatments 
  • Depressed/sunken scars, uneven scars, acne scars