Scar Physical Therapy/Pressure Garments

Specially made garments to minimise the appearance of scars

Pressure Garments for Scar Treatment are a specially made, ready to wear garment that aims to reduce the hypotrophy within scarring. Most commonly pressure garments are used for burns scarring however can be suitable for most hypertrophic scars. The garment provides a compression therapy on areas of raised (hypertrophic) scarring. The pressure garment will help to flatten scars and help to reduce the redness (excess blood supply) of the scar. This pressure therapy will aid the natural scar maturation process.

The benefits of pressure garments include:
• Compression minimizes the development of scars by interfering with the production of collagen and helping to realign the collagen fibres.
• Protect fragile skin
• Promote better circulation of damaged tissues
• Decrease extremity pain through vascular support
• Decrease itching
• Reduce thick, hard scars
• Increase skin length by putting pressure on contracture bands

A pressure garment is a tight lycra piece of clothing made to your measurements, to provide constant pressure over an area of your body.

Yes, there are a few different types of pressure garments. Elastic wrap bandages (Ace Wrap) are used initially to provide pressure on arms and legs. Tubular pressure bandages (Tubigrip) are used initially to provide gentle pressure. Interim care garments are ‘off the shelf’ garments used for pressure until custom-made garments are available. Finally, custom-made garments arenylon spandex garments made to patient’s measurements by one of the manufacturers that specialize in burn compression garments.

Pressure garments should be hand washed. Pressure garments can be cool washed (400 or less) with mild, non-biological detergent once a week. Hand washing makes them last longer. Air dry the garment, do not put it in a tumble dryer or on a radiator as this breaks the elastic in the material and makes the garment ineffective. Clean your garments regularly to prevent build-up of cream/silicone.

Treatment Overview

  • Appointments by highly skilled physiotherapist and scar specialist 
  • Providing treatment to flatten raised scarring  
  • Burns, hypertrophic scarring