The London Scar Clinic at 152 Harley Street is a centre of medical excellence, providing some of the most advanced procedures and treatments spanning multiple specialties to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to the effective assessment, management and treatment of scars.

Our dedicated expert group includes plastic surgeons, dermatologic / laser surgeons, scar management physiotherapists, psychologists, medical tattooists, makeup camouflage artists, and more. These clinicians offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to scar management.

As part of our expert and specialist offering, we have the pertinent safety and quality measures in place, which alongside our advisory groups, ensure that every patient visiting our clinic receives the highest quality of care, advice and treatment.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and operating within this framework gives us the foundations to deliver the highest quality of care. Additionally, we have established advisory boards and specialist groups made up of clinicians who ensure standards of care, safety and quality are maintained at the facility.

In addition to care, safety and quality, these groups ensure we are at the forefront of innovation and continuous training to develop our people and offer patients the best treatments available.

Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) comprises consultant experts, who practice at The London Scar Clinic. Their primary focus is to ensure excellent standards of care, safety and quality are maintained.

The MAC is responsible for advising The London Scar Clinic on accreditation of practitioners necessary to provide services at the facility and the delineation of their clinical responsibilities.

Although the criteria between clinics can vary, for a new consultant to work within The London Scar Clinic, they must:

  • Be part of the General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register
  • Hold a substantive post within the NHS
  • Provide documented evidence demonstrating their clinical experience
  • Have actively practised in their field for a minimum of two years

Whilst the primary focus of the MAC is to approve new consultants’ practising privileges at The London Scar Clinic, the MAC also engages with the GMC, National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) and CQC regulations to ensure The London Scar Clinic maintains their full compliance.

Given that The London Scar Clinic is expanding at pace, new procedures, technologies and systems are also discussed, and decisions are made on whether they should be adopted within the clinic.

Doctor and patient talking

London Scar Clinic Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

The London Scar Clinic (LSC) is an integral part of 152 Harley Street and one of the country’s only scar treatment centres. LSC is a Multidisciplinary team (or MDT), consisting of individuals, who are specialist experts working in harmony to offer each patient the best possible outcome for their needs.

We are known for a patient centred approach, which explores both the physical and psychological needs, before carefully tailoring treatment plans for individual patients.

The MDT is also responsible for innovation, safety and quality – exploring emerging technologies and procedures to ensure that The London Scar Clinic offers patients the best choices for their specific needs and maintains its position  as a leading clinic within the supra-specialist field.

Laser and High Energy Device User Group

The London Scar Clinic has one of the most comprehensive range of lasers in the UK. The breadth of lasers available and the expertise of our specialists can provide a broad range of treatments with excellent results, including the management of all types of scars.

The primary purpose of the Laser and High Energy Device User Group is to harness the world-leading laser expertise from our consultants and set high standards of safety, care and quality within this area. Through close links with trusted providers we ensure there is proper governance and accountability in the industry and this places The London Scar Clinic at the forefront of new technology.