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Injectables for Scars and Fillers for Scar Treatment

Medical anti-wrinkle injections and fillers for scar treatment are commonly used in combination with other scar treatments to maximise end results. Medical anti-wrinkle injections are often combined with treatments such as facial surgery particularly forehead surgery. By using these injections pre-operatively in treatments such as scar revision the facial muscles are relaxed and therefore reduces the risk of the new scar stretching via natural facial movements whilst in the healing process.  

Fillers for scar treatment are common in dermatological procedures such as subcision for acne scarring, this is used post-procedure to plump up the depressed areas to create a smoother outcome.

What benefits are the of having Anti-wrinkle injections pre-procedure? 

Having anti-wrinkle injections prior to your scar revision can help to relax the muscles in this area, particularly if you are having a scar revision on more animated areas such as the forehead. By doing so you reduce the movement in the area therefore reducing the risk of the new scar stretching whilst in the healing phase helping to keep your scar as minimal as possible.  


What benefits are the of having fillers for scar treatment in combination with my procedure? 

Filler injections are often combined with treatments such as subcision, this helps create a smoother appearance. Whilst subcision aims to flatten and release any tethering there may still be a small degree of difference in volume, filler can help to improve this further. 


Do injectable treatments hurt? 

Injectable treatments such as fillers for scar treatment are not particularly painful however this does vary depending on the area being injected. You will experience small scratch like sensations similar to a vaccination injection. If you prefer topical numbing cream can be applied 20 minutes prior to the treatment to relieve any discomfort. 

Treatment Overview

  • Non-surgical treatment to reduce the overall appearance scars 
  • Treatment performed by qualified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist 
  • Sunken/depressed scars, uneven scarring