Scar Treatments/Silicone Products for Scars

Reduces scar redness and flattens scars whilst relieving itch and discomfort

Silicone preparations for scars such as gels or sheets are an effective first step in scar management / treatment and these can be used as soon as the wound has healed over. They aim to keep the scar moisturised and offers a protective layer to the index area of the skin.

For optimum results, gels and sheets should be used continuously for at least three months as an initial trial. Silicone adhesives for scars aim to flatten and reduce redness of scars as well as relieve symptoms of itch. Silicone applications may be advised as a conservative first step method before proceeding onto more invasive treatments.  

Silicone has been proved to reduce redness over time and with continuous use, have also been shown to flatten scars. Silicone products can also help to relieve symptoms of a scar such as itch and discomfort.  

Silicone gel or spray for scars should be applied frequently for a period time, typically twice a day for at least three months to assess initial response. Silicone sheets should be worn continuously for 24 hours, washed daily and changed if there are any signs of wear. 

As soon as your wound has healed over and any bleeding or scabbing has stopped, you can begin using silicone adhesives. 

Treatment Overview

  • Conservative initial option in the treatment of scars, burns, cuts and grazes
  • Silicone can help relieve discomfort caused by scars
  • Silicone adhesives can be used as soon as the wound has healed
  • You will have an initial consultation with an expert scar specialist