The London Scar Clinic is a dedicated expert group of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Allied Healthcare Professionals working together to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to the effective assessment, management and treatment of scars.

Whilst some scars do settle down over time to be virtually unnoticeable, a number of scars do remain troublesome and highly visible. Although it is not possible to fully ‘remove’ scars, our clinic aims to significantly improve the appearance and functionality. Our team of specialists understand that a scar can have significant impact on quality of life no matter its size, appearance or location and therefore we treat each case individually working alongside each patient to reach the best outcome possible.

Multidisciplinary, expert input

We have assembled a dedicated expert group of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologic / Laser Surgeons, Scar Management Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Medical Tattooists, Makeup Camouflage Artists, and more. These clinicians offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to scar management.

There are different types of scars with variable characteristics; therefore they often demand more than one treatment, from more than one specialism in order to maximally improve the look and feel of the scar and hence reduce its impact on function and well-being. Therefore, the most effective scar treatment is likely to involve a multi-disciplinary approach, which means you may interact with multiple members of the team to achieve the best results possible.

We treat different types of scars with different characteristics including, but not limited to, traumatic, surgical, hypertrophic / keloid, atrophic, hypopigmented, hyperpigmented for both adults and children.

Compassionate, tailored approach to treatment plans

Some scars, we’re rightly proud of. Some others tell a story. But there are also scars that can impact the quality of life, and that’s where we come in. Our treatments range in complexity from massage / advice, to cosmetic camouflage, micro-pigmentation, laser treatments, micro-needling, dermal fillers, fat injections and surgery. 

Although it may not be possible to fully ‘remove’ scars, we aim to significantly improve scars and make them less visible and problematic. Our team understands that a scar can have a significant impact on the patient’s quality of life, no matter its size, appearance, or location. For example, a physical scar can bring with it a mental scar. Therefore, the clinic’s range of treatments includes psychological support too. 

Patient-centred care

Effective teamwork is an essential tool for facilitating patient-centred care. To address patient individuality, all relevant members of the multidisciplinary team of Plastic Surgeons and Allied Healthcare Professionals are involved in discussing your treatment plan. This ensures the most effective outcome for the patient. Whilst many other services offer scar management, they do not embrace all the other allied professional services, which are key to provide a holistic, multifaceted treatment journey like we do within the unique environment at The London Scar Clinic.



"I had a skin graft 5 years ago and have been really self conscious about the skin colour difference of the graft skin. I found Rae online and from our first consultation I knew I was in safe hands. She has always been incredibly honest about the results I can expect and has constantly adapted to the particular way my skin has responded to the treatment. I'm so pleased that I decided on medical tattooing with Rae and already feel more complete and self confident, knowing that Rae will do all she can to meet my expectations, without promising unrealistic results. I wholeheartedly recommend Rae to anyone considering medical tattooing, she has been so supportive, considerate and understanding of my needs."

"I went to see Dr. Goutos for laser treatment after a breast reduction. Over the course of a year, my scars drastically reduced in appearance and we were able to remove the redness as well. While the laser treatments were expensive, it was worth it as the scars are almost completely gone. I'm very happy with the results and would absolutely recommend."

"Saw Mr Ioannis Goutos for a scar on my hand. Had a full hour with the doctor, which I believe is unusually long for a Harley Street appointment, in a good way. I felt all my questions were answered. Questions I didn’t even know I had were also answered. I will use this same service for scars from any future surgeries. Thank you again!"

"Excellent experience through and through. Friendly staff and extended team. Mr Leon-Villapalos is an exceptional communicator and made me feel at ease throughout both of my procedures with him."

"My experience has been absolutely wonderful - many thanks to Mr Leon-Villapalos and team. He’s been extremely patient in taking time to explain things in full, prompt in answering all the questions I had throughout my recovery. Excellent communicator and very kind indeed. Scrub nurses were lovely, and in general I can’t fault my experience with you at all."

"The service from Professor Dunaway and his team was excellent. The team was extremely professional as we expected a team of this reputation and standing would be but what surprised us was the level of personal care, support and attention they provided. It really made us feel very comfortable trusting Ella into their care and their approach made us feel calmer and more confident leading up to the operation than we would otherwise have been. Our medical experiences elsewhere have generally been that the medical staff are de-sensitised to situations and the standout experience for us was the genuine human side Professor Dunaway and his team showed at all times to Ella and us as parents - it was truely outstanding."

"Extremely talented, kind and professional. Professor Dunaway made me feel at ease throughout the entire surgery process, no matter how weird and wonderful my questions he answered me thoroughly. He asked me what my goals were and I felt like I had input into the final result, Professor Dunaway is ethical and wants the best for his patients. He will be very honest and is gifted at what he does - I knew I would be safe and would have a natural result, which were the two main issues for me. He also makes sure you have enough follow-up appointments and whilst I am very happy with my result. I am confident he would revise it for me if necessary. The team at 152 Harley Street are amazing, especially Suzie, Sussan and the girls at the front desk. Very discreet and very lovely. Happy patient - if my friends or family wanted surgery then Professor Dunaway would be my first choice for them."

"Dr Leon-Villapalos has been my surgeon since June 2015 and he is simply a wonderful skilled surgeon with a compassionate and caring persona. Highly recommended. I didn't have easy recoveries both surgeries due to unforeseen circumstances but Dr Leon-Villapalos was always available. He is happy for me to contact him via his mobile whenever I need him. He is a one in a million consultant who goes above and beyond his expected role as an NHS surgeon."

"RuthAnn is the most dedicated and knowledgeable person I have met! She has helped me understand, because she understands. I feel reassured. And I have not had this kind of [scar] massage in this country before, my face feels amazing! I couldn’t open my mouth much before and now I can."

"I have been a patient under RuthAnn for over a year and am delighted with the progress I have made under her care. She has a lovely manner, is invested and caring, and has so much knowledge and expertise in her field. Since seeing RuthAnn for physiotherapy, I have had vast improvements in my neck mobility which has improved my quality of life immeasurably. She always has time to answer any questions or concerns and clearly knows her field. I would absolutely recommend her!"

"Rae did an incredible job with medical tattooing a scar that had troubled me for some time. After being told by many that nothing could be done, Rae was confident she could help and it was a pleasant experience overall. Highly recommend."