About Us/Patient Journey

At The London Scar Clinic, we are dedicated to ensuring our patients receive the highest level of care through a comprehensive and holistic approach to the assessment, management and treatment of scars.

Our expert team of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Allied Health Professionals have a deep appreciation of the impact of scarring on your life; our philosophy centres on helping you achieve your desired results whilst exploring and addressing your multifaceted concerns to the highest possible standard.

Some scars, tell a brave story that we’re rightly proud of. But there are also scars that can significantly impact quality of life, and that’s where we come in. Although it may not be possible to fully ‘remove’ scars, we aim to considerably improve scars and make them less visible and problematic.

There is no general ‘one fits all’ scar treatment. At The London Scar Clinic, we recognise that every scar and individual is different. Therefore we believe a holistic approach is most important when it comes to scar management. Individuals most often require more than one type of treatment, from more than one specialist, in order to maximally improve the look and feel of the scar and reduce its impact on well-being.

The first step of beginning your journey with us here at The London Scar Clinic is getting in touch. You can enquire online using our contact us form or speak to one of the team on 020 7467 3005. During this time, it will be necessary for us to gather a variety of information about you and your scars. Here at The London Scar Clinic, we provide personalised and unique treatment plans because we value you for the person you are, far beyond the treatment that you are having. We understand that you have a unique set of life circumstances and experiences and that your procedure or treatment has a unique meaning to you. Therefore, we usually request photographs of scars in order to provide you with the best specialist for you. Any personal information shared with us during this time are strictly confidential and held securely in line with data protection law and requirements.

After this time, a member of our team will be able to book a consultation for you with one of our expert scar specialist team. During this initial encounter, you will have the opportunity to discuss your medical history and also your priorities for treatment. This consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your treatment options in detail including benefits, risks and associated downtime.

Based on your initial consultation, a personalised treatment plan and a detailed quote will be communicated to you, which will be valid for 12 months. Our specialist team will also be able to help you access any psychological support you may benefit from before, during or after your treatment journey.