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Scar Camouflage Treatment

The scar camouflage treatment uses highly pigmented products, that when applied correctly are waterproof, to mask the appearance of scarring. Camouflage is a great option for scars that are presenting with redness or pigmentation and whilst this is not a permeant option it is still highly effective during everyday life or as an interim solution whilst undergoing scar treatments. 

Is the scar camouflage treatment permanent?

Scar camouflage is not a permanent option, whilst these creams are durable they will need to be applied daily. 


Is camouflage for scarring waterproof?

When applied correctly there are a number of brands we use that are water resistant.  


Can I use the scar camouflage treatment whilst undergoing other procedures?

Yes, as long as you are not applying the scar camouflage over open wounds (eg: directly after scar revision etc) or freshly lasered skin you can use camouflage in between appointments to mask the scarring.


Are skin camouflage techniques only used for scars caused by injury?

No, skin camouflage techniques may help patients with various conditions; from injury scarring, to vitiligo, rosacea, melasma scarring and many more.

Treatment Overview

  • Appointments by highly skilled skin camouflage practitioner  
  • Non-surgical, non-permeant scar treatment option 
  • Highly pigmented everyday products to mask the appearance of scarring  

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