Based at 152 Harley Street, The London Scar Clinic is UK’s largest scar treatment centre and our mission is to redefine standards in scar care.

Guided by our purpose of achieving the best possible outcomes, we have assembled a world-leading team of specialist consultants and allied healthcare professionals to provide a comprehensive approach to the effective assessment, management and treatment of scars.

Our expert team includes Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologic / Laser Surgeons, Scar Management Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Medical Tattooists. Working within an MDT environment, we will collaborate with you and your patient, and always seek to deliver the best outcome possible.

We have the broadest range of effective options to treat scars caused by burns, acne, surgery, trauma, self-harm and accidents. Type of scars we manage include hypertrophic, keloid, atrophic, hypo- and hyperpigmented scars for both adults and children.

We recognise that scars can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life, no matter its size, appearance or location. We therefore treat each referral individually and create unique patient pathways with the aim to significantly improve scar appearance whilst enhancing the patients’ wellbeing.

Referring a patient to
The London Scar Clinic

Whether you are a GP, Health Care Professional or a secretary, you are able to refer your patients to us for a comprehensive range of treatments / procedures.
Our patient referral programme ensures you and your patient will have:

  • Access to a choice of appointment options with our specialist consultants and allied healthcare professionals
  • A single point of contact to ensure a smooth transition to The London Scar Clinic
  • Complete peace of mind knowing that your patient is in expert hands

How to refer a patient

In the first instance, please write via email / egress (including the supporting clinical documentation) to The Practice Manager and we will typically respond within 24 hours to acknowledge that we have received your referral. If you know the consultant or allied healthcare professional you would like to refer the patient to, please include this within your email.

We will then review your patients’ details through a triage process and identify the support required and the appropriate consultant(s).

Where we are able to support your patient, we will contact them to arrange an initial consultation and seek approval that they are happy for us to liaise with you to ensure continuity of care.

Once a consultation date has been agreed, we will update you accordingly. Following your patients’ appointment(s), clinical correspondence regarding the care plan and follow-up appointments or treatments will be sent to you and your patient.

CPD Seminars and events

The London Scar Clinic provides a programme of educational seminars for GPs, nurses and other allied health professionals to enhance your knowledge of scar treatments.

Hosted at our clinic at 152 Harley Street, these one / two hour sessions will be led by our expert consultants and allied healthcare professionals.

If you would like to know more about the future programme, please contact us.