Treatments/Scar Assessment & Advice/Types of Consultations

At The London Scar Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing an extensive selection of treatments for all different types of scars. We understand that scars present themselves in a variety of different ways and each individual scar is different, therefore scar treatment should not be generalised and patients should be offered a variety of treatments. As a result of this, we offer three different types of consultation at The London Scar Clinic to ensure you receive the best possible treatment for you. The three types of consultations include a consultation with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, a consultation with a physiotherapist and a consultation with a medical tattooist.

For the majority of scar treatments including laser treatments, fat transfer and skin grafting, consultations are with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. These initial consultations cost £315 and usually last between 30 minutes to an hour. In addition, any hair transplant consultations will be with our specialist hair transplant surgeon Dr Greg Williams.

For patients requiring physiotherapy, scar massage, pressure garments and silicone adhesives these consultations are £230 and usually last between 30 minutes to an hour.

For patients interested in medical tattooing, consultations are with Rae Denman, our medical tattooist and scar camouflage specialist. These initial consultations cost £184 and usually last approximately 30 minutes.

"Rae is a pro! a professional, great listener, with a steady hand and real talent who will not only help you understand what you need, but intuitively guides you with positive suggestions drawn upon years and years of experience in her subject. I highly recommend her!"

"The surgeon answered all of my concerns and I felt confident to undergo the procedure and came out feeling confident I received very good care. The staff and nurses gave me personal attention and were quite courteous, they readily gave me any information that I needed. They were particular in helping me go through all the steps I needed in preparation for the procedure."

"I am extremely pleased with the treatment I received from Mr. Young. He made me feel at ease and explained everything in a clear manner both prior to and during the procedure. First-class experience and I would thoroughly recommend him."