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RF Microneedling for Scarring

RF Microneedling for scarring (also known in full as radio-frequency micro-needling) is a minimally invasive treatment of which involved the use of medical grade fine needles to create ‘controlled injury’ to the skin. This treatment works by stimulating the natural collagen and elastin production as well as the bodies healing process via heating the underlying layers of skin with radiofrequency waves to promote rejuvenated skin. 

The RF Microneedling treatment can be used to treat skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and scarring (such as acne scarring & stretch marks) as well as providing skin tightening benefits.

Does the RF microneedling for scarring hurt? 

The treatment is not painful, but may feel uncomfortable especially in bony areas such as around the eyes and bridge of the nose. A numbing agent will be applied to the skin approximately 15 minutes before treatment to help with the comfortability. 

After, your skin will feel warm and may be slightly sensitive, think mild sunburn. Pin point bleeding can occur and this is perfectly normal and a result we want to achieve in some instances. 


How many treatments of the scar RF microneedling will I need and how often? 

Every patient will have a unique treatment plan tailored to their scars and the results they wish to achieve. On average a course of 3 treatments is recommended with one treatment every 4-6 weeks, however some scars may need more frequent treatments or require a longer healing time.

Treatment Overview

  • Non-invasive treatment to reduce the overall appearance scars 
  • Treatment performed by qualified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist 
  • Sunken/depressed scars, uneven scarring, acne scarring, self-harm and burns