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Scar Massage

Scar massage is a commonly recommended treatment in scar management. Massage can be particularly helpful in alleviating symptoms such as tightness, pain, itch and in some cases mild tethering; massage does this by increasing blood flow to the scar, oxytocin release and induction of mechanotransduction to aid in the remodelling of the scar. Our consultants are able to advise on massage techniques best suited to your scarring paired with suitable products to massage with.  

What scar features indicate that massage may be beneficial?

  • Tethering – scar mobilisation may loosen scars, which are firmly attached to underlying or surrounding tissues
  • Pain, hypersensitivity and itch– scar massage may improve such troublesome symptoms
  • Tightness – soft tissue manipulation may soften scars and increase pliability
  • Bulk– scar massage may help flatten certain bulky scars; nevertheless, keloid scars are unlikely to benefit.

What should I wear to my appointment?

The therapist will need to access the areas around your scar during treatment, wear comfortable clothes such as tracksuits/shorts or loose-fitting items if you prefer not to undress. If the scar is along the bikini line (such as a hysterectomy or caesarean scar) your modesty is always respected and your underwear will not be removed. The therapist will just need to expose the scar and about 1-2cm into the bikini area.


Is my scar too old to improve?

Scar tissue will never be as functional as pre-injury tissue, and we can’t ‘magic’ your scar away, but even if your scar is many decades old, it is likely to feel softer and looser with treatments

Treatment Overview

  • Appointments by highly skilled Physiotherapist and scar specialist 
  • Providing treatment to alleviate problematic scarring 
  • Tightness, pain, itch