Frequently Asked Questions About Scars and Scar Treatments

What is a scar?

A scar is the result of the body’s natural healing process when a wound has been created causing damage to the skins dermis. The final result of a scar can be dependent on many factors such as; location, infection, type of injury and length of time to heal. The average timescale of a scar to reach full maturity and stop changing is 18-24 months although you may notice more significant changes and phases within the first 6 months and notice the scar beginning to settle down shortly after this time.

Keloid scarring however acts differently to the above and may become increasingly worse the more time lapses and may start to grow outside of the original wound site should there be no intervention.


Can a scar disappear?

Unfortunately, no. Whilst there have been great advances in scar treatment over the years, invisible scarring is not yet one of these. Whilst we cannot ‘remove’ a scar we can significantly improve the look and feel of the scar to provide the patient with a much better outcome and in some instances obtain an end result of barely noticeable scarring.

There is a common misconception that plastic surgery removes scars however it is important to be aware that any surgery to improve a scar will also result in a scar although the new scar aims to be an improvement and could minimise the shape, size and colour of the previous scar.


What information do I need to provide before booking an appointment?

The most helpful information we require before a consultation is answering a short number of questions surrounding the background of your scar eg: age, location, cause etc. and finally an attachment of an image. This information allows us to book you in with the most appropriate team member first time round. Our team is made up of a number of consultants from varying specialisms and backgrounds therefore it is important you are matched with the consultant of whom can provide you with the most suitable treatment options for the outcome you desire.


Do you offer free consultations?

We do not offer free consultations. The reason behind this is that a proper and full assessment of a scar requires great knowledge and skill to effectively create a treatment plan specific to you. Scar assessments should not be rushed and take into account many aspects such as the physical nature of the scar, how you yourself interpret and feel about the scar and thoroughly discussing each option that is available to you to give you full and clear understanding of what we can do to help you.


Why should I see a specialist?

Each consultant in our team has a unique specialism and expertise in the treatment of scars. Not all Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Medical Tattooists and psychologists specialise in the treatment of scars, but we do!


What is different about The London Scar Clinic compared to other services?

The London Scar Clinic has a rare expertise and specialism specifically in the approach of treating scars holistically. Unlike other scar treatment providers, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach whereby we work collectively together to ensure we reach the best possible treatment outcomes for our patients. Scars often require a range of different treatment options and we have the consultants and facilities to be able to offer this all under one roof. Each of our consultants have highly renowned reputations in their areas of interest and treat scars all day long rather than occasionally. The London Scar Clinic is a world-class clinic which is reflected in the excellence of the consultants and staff who work here.